Rural Regeneration


Our rural regeneration programme aims to show that another rural is possible – and happening. As an organisation, Cultivate is based in North Tipperary, where we live, work and play.

Rural Ireland is a place of opportunity, resources, potential and action, as can be seen daily where we work  – the North Tipperary Green Enterprise Park – which houses our food hub, fab lab, co-working, pop-up cafes, workshops, meetings and events.

We host an annual conference called Feeding Ourselves, which showcases, networks and amplifies people and organisations working in community, agri-food, rural and cooperative endeavors. People have, through Feeding Ourselves, come together to set up initiatives  – from the farming organisation Talmah Beo to the North Tipperary Online Farmers Market.

We also hold related events on farm and rural diversification, just transition, seed saving, and the creative opportunities that rural Ireland  – and rural Europe – can uniquely tap into.

This can be with the Irish Environmental Network here in Ireland and organisations like ARC2020, Ecolise and Forum Synergies in Europe. Each of these organisations also share a focus on making better policy to fully embrace the needs, talent and potential of rural places, while also working on the ground with people and communities trying to make rural places thrive.

Agroecology, circular economies, community wellbeing, inclusivity, just transition – all play a role in rural regeneration and revitalisation. We can use our current but also seemingly permanent crises to make something far better than was there before. Because rural areas were already being left behind – and it’s time to change this. 

See this section for more on our events and courses, our projects, research, partnerships, resources and more.